1. Run by former students

Student Housing Nottingham was formed by former University of Lincoln students; Harry Conti and Marcus Askam Yates, having been former students we understand the issues that matter to you most, unlike other agencies we understand that if the internet is down, its just as bad as if there was no hot water or electricity. We also have a better understanding of what you need from a landlord, quick response times and timely maintenance.

2. Bills Bills Bills

All of our properties are inclusive of bills, meaning you don have to worry! We do impose a cap on bill allowances, but we keep up up to date on a regular basis on how you’re doing and what remains of your allowance.

3. Savings

Unlike other Student Lettings Agents in Lincoln, we have fixed fees, our application fee is only £50 (which is the lowest fee in Lincoln), we also don’t charge for call outs if there is an issue within the property, If you lock yourself out; we offer you the opportunity to come collect a spare set of keys from our office free of charge. When it comes to deposits in 2017/18 academic year, we retuned 98% of our deposits in full.

4. Maintenance

Netflix, Amazon Prime and Next day delivery means that we live in a society which wants things right now. We understand that this also applies to property maintenance, we have a specialised online form where you can submit maintenance issues, last year we responded to urgent calls within 30 mins (the quickest in Lincoln), we also work with 3 dedicated maintenance partners whom provide services to our properties in a timely and effective manner.

5. Student Discount

Life as a students isn’t always 4am after parties and Rock City pre drinks, we understand that a student budget can only stretch so far, we offer all our students in a LET or Managed property a FREE city wide discount card, offering exclusive student discounts within the city!