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Tenancy Details

Please provide details of the property you no longer wish to reside in
Please state the reason(s) you wish to no longer live at the above property. Please be as detailed as possible.


Please read the below statements carefully before signing this form
I hereby, formally confirm that I wish to remove my liability under the tenancy agreement for the above property. I understand that the request is final and that upon signing and submitting this form I must find a suitable replacement to cover my obligations under the tenancy, I understand that if I fail to find a suitable replacement for my legal obligations I will be bound by the terms of my original agreement.
I hereby agree to notify all residents under the tenancy of my application to sever my tenancy.
I hereby agree to notify any guarantor that has guaranteed my tenancy of my intentions to remove my liability under the tenancy agreement. I confirm my guarantor understands that the guarantee will remain in place until a suitable replacement has been found.

Tenant Find Service

At Student Housing we offer a tenant find service, priced at £249.00. If you decide to use our Tenant Find Service Student Housing will advertise your room on their website as well as other 3rd party websites and in branch with the view to find a replacement tenant.
The tenant find service is No Let No Fee and is not a guarantee that a replacement tenant will be found. The service is charged at £249 and only payable once a replacement tenant is found. We recommend that you still look for your own replacement alongside the Tenant Find Service.
I hereby agree to the above statements and confirm my intentions of severance. I hereby understand that by signing above I have not yet severed my tenancy but expressed my interest in doing so. I further understand that a suitable replacement must be found before my obligations under the tenancy will be removed by the Landlord.

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