If you are experiencing an emergency please call us on 0800 054 2124.
Please note, this number is only for a genuine emergency that could impact your safety within the property.

There may be charges associated with your account if this number is used incorrectly. Please find below a list of valid emergencies.

Genuine Emergency Examples

1. Fire
2. Flood
3. Water Leaks
4. Break In
5. Lock Out
6. Power Failure

Non-Emergency Examples

1. Wi-Fi Speed
2. Power Cuts
3. Lightbulbs
4. General Plumbing
5. Broken Blinds
6. Appliance Failure

We get a high level of non emergency calls; by reporting non emergencies using the emergency line, charges may be applied to your account. It’s important that the phone lines are free for genuine emergencies. If you are unsure if an issue is a genuine emergency please fill out a maintenance request below.


Online Maintenance Request

Please describe your maintenance issue in full, specify when you first noticed the issue. Include any additional details that could help

Please include a photo of the issue



For emergencies please call 0800 054 2124