1. The Landlord agrees to let the Property to the Tenant(s). In consideration of this, the Guarantor agrees to act for the Tenant(s) should he/they fail, for any reason, to meet the financial commitments arising from the Tenancy Agreement entered into in respect of the Property.
  2. This Guarantor Agreement refers to the current tenancy being undertaken and any extension or renewal of that tenancy. All references to the Landlord herein shall be deemed to include the Landlord’s Agent or any person authorised to act on the Landlord’s behalf.
  3. The Guarantor undertakes to pay to the Landlord from the date of this Agreement from time to time the Rent within 10 days of receipt of a written demand from the Landlord or his Agent addressed to the Guarantor if the Tenant following demand has not paid the amount being demanded when it was due under the Tenancy Agreement.
  1. The Guarantor shall pay and make good to the Landlord on demand all reasonable losses and expenses of the Landlord incurred as a result of default by the Tenant in the performance or observance of the Tenant’s covenants under the Tenancy Agreement. Any failure of the Landlord in demanding or collecting the Rent when it falls due, and any time to pay which may be given to the Tenant by the Landlord shall not release the Guarantor or in any way affect the liability of the Guarantor under this agreement. Should the Guarantor die during the currency of this agreement, the Guarantor’s estate will be liable as surety and co-principal debtor.
  2. If the tenancy is for a fixed term, then this guarantee applies for the whole of the term and is not revocable during that term.
  3. If the tenancy is periodic or has become periodic by agreement or the operation of law, then this guarantee may be terminated by written notice by the Guarantor subject to the Tenant vacating at the earliest legally permissible date required for possession. If the Tenant fails to vacate on this earliest date then the guarantee shall continue until the Tenant vacates.
  4. It is agreed that there shall be no right to cancel this agreement once the tenancy has begun and the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 shall not apply in this case.