It’s a question we get asked 100 times a day, Where in Nottingham is the best place to spend my money on student accommodation? Within Nottingham we have a number of locations that students prefer, Depending on what university you want to appeal to, Nottingham Trent students prefer areas close to the city centre and University, where University of Nottingham students studying at the Park Campus or Jubilee campus prefer areas close to both the Campus as well as the city centre. In This article we’re going to focus on the preferred location for both University of Nottingham (33,000 Students) and the preferred location of Nottingham Trent University (27,000 Students).

  1. Lenton (University of Nottingham);

    Arguably the most popular student location, a short walk to the University of Nottingham and the City Centre, the location benefits from being in the middle between study and nightlife, Lenton is densely populated by both students and local residents, roads between Ilkstone Road (Where we are based), Derby Road and Lenton Blvd. are extremely popular, this area is known as the Lenton Triangle and is a must have location for students at the Jubilee Campus.

  2. Lace Market (Nottingham Trent University);

    Appealing to Nottingham Trent Students, Lace Market is arguably the most desirable location, with city centre living proving popular there is also a market advantage of being able to charge rents in line with demand which seem to both be increasing year on year. Located a short walk to local bars and nightclubs as well as the Trent Campus this area is a no brainer for any first time investor.

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