So, you’ve recently taken the plunge and bought a house in Nottingham ready to be converted into student accommodation. The refurbishments and changes have been made and now you’re wondering what furnishings should be included within the property?

The Kitchen;

There should be suitable storage for each tenant, we recommend one kitchen cupboard per tenant, one shelf in the fridge and one in the freezer each.

A fan oven, electric or gas hob and a microwave. Its not necessary to provide a toaster or kettle as the majority of students will already have there own. Supply of plates, pans or cutlery is also not required.

The Living Room;

There should be ample seating for each tenant, should all tenants wish to use the room at the same time. A TV of at least 32″ (preferably wall mounted in order to minimise risk of damage) and coffee table. Many landlords also choose to install a breakfast bar utilising awkward space next to the chimney breast, this is a great use of space and is preferred by students.

Remember: When decorating your student property its best to stick to natural warm colours, making the property look as homely as possible is always a benefit, remember you are entering a competitive market!


Students always prefer double beds, in smaller rooms a 4ft small double will generally fit nicely. We recommend double beds wherever possible, its a huge selling point when it comes to renting your property!

Each room should consist of a bed, wardrobe, desk, office / desk chair and chest of draws or bedside table. (The majority of properties in Lincoln have high ceilings, a clever use of space is to supply a full length wardrobe with draws underneath. Don’t let the desks be an after thought, students tell us that desk space is regularly a priority.

TV’s are a little hit and miss, its a common misconception that adding TV’s to the rooms will require additional licences, so long as the tenants are all signed to the same contract they will only require one licence for the property.

he students we speak to tell us that they prefer accoomodation with blackout blinds, although having a different style blind won’t be a deal breaker, its always best listening to your market. Bedroom locks are a must, they ensure that all tenants remain safe in the knowledge that there possessions will remain safe during visits home or during lectures at university.


Remember: The student accommodation market in Nottingham is very competitive, students generally choose estate agents who understand their needs, landlords who are willing to provide quick repairs and general advice, At Student Housing Nottingham we provide a fully comprehensive service for both landlord and tenant. Should you require any additional advice or free information please call us on 01157 848 600.