When you get to uni the nightlife is truly in another league to what you are used to at home. Or you might not have gone out much at home, in which case, you are in for a treat. Nottingham is well known for its huge variety of clubs and genres of music. Depending on which days you like to go out and get drunk will depend on where you end up…

Mondays are all about OCEANA… a big club which tries to cater for all tastes and has a variety of rooms that play chart music, R&B music and some 90’s classics. OR there is also TURTLE BAYwhere the cocktails are delicious and their “happy hour” basically lasts all day…and night.

Everyone goes mad for Turtle Bay’s happy hour!

BLACK MILK at the BOWERY CLUB is the place to be on Tuesdays. You can’t go wrong with a few swift ones whilst playing ping-pong.

Wednesdays…sports social nights – probably the maddest night of them all. Crisis at Rock City is well known for the host of the socials. After a day of matches all the teams descend on Crisis to celebrate or commiserate.

Thursdays… FORUM, everyone’s favourite basement, hosts the official Karni night so expect plenty of cheesy tunes. Bouncers have got plenty of banter too, which isn’t always the case…

Fridays…THE BIG O .The daddy of Notts nights out, tickets for the final Ocean of the year reportedly sell out 9 months in advance.

Saturdays…STEALTH is generally full of the scary locals but RESCUE ROOMS will keep you on your toes with some classic floor fillers.

Sundays…If you have any brain cells left after a week of partying, head on down to ROPEWALK and challenge yourself at their pub quiz starting from 9pm.