Can I Leave My Tenancy?

We understand that from time to time circumstances can change. Your Tenancy Agreement forms a legally binding document. If you want to remove your obligations under the Tenancy Agreement please read the below information carefully and fill out the form.


The Process

Please read the below information carefully

Firstly you'll need to tell your guarantor and housemates that you no longer wish to live in the property. You'll then need to formally inform us of your intentions using the form at the bottom of this page. You'll then need to find a suitable replacement for your obligations under the Tenancy, once a suitable replacement has been found, viewed the property, applied for the property and signed the Tenancy Agreement we'll write to you confirming that you are no longer bound by the Tenancy Agreement and able to sign for alternate accommodation (if required).

We'll help! Once you find a suitable replacement we're happy to show them the property on a viewing or even provide a viewing by FaceTime! If the replacement tenant likes the property we'll even do the Tenancy Agreement and all the paperwork for you!


Suitable Replacement

Most Tenancy Agreements in the UK do not allow the tenant to simply inform the Landlord they no longer wish to live at the property.

Our landlords have agreed to allow any tenant the opportunity to leave the Agreement so long as the original tenant has found a suitable replacement.

*Suitable Replacement: Must be a student in full time education, wish to take over your obligations under the Tenancy Agreement and have a working UK based Guarantor.


What does "Suitable Replacement" mean?
A suitable replacement is a replacement tenant whom is happy to take over your obligations under the tenancy agreement. The replacement must be a full time student, be able to provide a UK based working guarantor and eligible for a Class N council Tax Exemption.

How do I find a suitable replacement?
We recommend you reach out to your housemates and find out if they know of anyone looking for accommodation. We also recommend posting photos of your accommodation on the course groups on Facebook as well as Team and Society Facebook websites. You can also post your room on a number of other websites such as Spareroom Student, StuRents, AccommodationForStudent (AFS), PadsForStudents and Gumtree.

If I use the Tenant Find Service and pay you £249 is that it?
Our Tenant Find Service is only charged once a replacement is found, there are no upfront costs for choosing this service and if you find your own replacement before we do there is no fee to pay.

Can I pay to get out of my tenancy?
If you wish, you may pay the full rent owed under the tenancy at least 7 days before the tenancy start date. If you intend to pay the full sum of rent in advance please contact us on 01522 410 646.

Does the £249 Tenant Find Service Guarantee I can leave the Tenancy?
Unfortunately Not, We Can't guarantee to find a replacement, depending on the time of year it may be unlikely that we will find a replacement, In January 2017 we found a total of 237 tenants, In June of the same year we only placed 3 tenants that same month.