When you hear “student halls” you may well think of dingy rooms, outdated decor, single beds and (less than desirable) catered meals. These days, however, students expect a lot more from their first home away from their parents. This article will examine just what it is that modern day students want from their accommodation.


Wi-Fi: Not just any Wi-Fi will do; today’s students want fast, reliable Wi-Fi which enables them to stream movies, video call their family back home and download music. Wi-Fi quality is, these days, one of the first things that students consider when looking for accommodation.


Kitchen: Gone are the days of queuing in the dining hall for questionable cuisine. Modern students want to enjoy the independence of their own meal times and the opportunity to develop their own cooking abilities.


Double Bed: A student’s room serves many more purposes than simply a place to lay their heads. It needs to be able to serve as a secondary hang-out spot, a study space or a box set binge zone. Nothing ruins the atmosphere like a cramped single bed and let’s face it; who doesn’t like a little space to spread out?


Quality Furniture: It’s not just about having a bigger bed; the days when poor quality office furniture and a tired wardrobe would suffice to furnish a student flat are over. Students now expect good quality, stylish furniture that maximises space and allows them to get the most out of their student digs.


Bills Included: Being able to know exactly how much you owe, without any nasty surprises, is high on the agenda for today’s students. It’s no surprise; with lectures, sports, university societies and, of course, busy social lives, students have enough to think about without worrying about bills. Another great thing about bills included is that it avoids unnecessary arguing over who owes what.


Location: The cliche is true; location is key. Scoring accommodation which offers great local nightlife, quick links to the city centre and makes getting into lectures a breeze is a priority for every student.


Security: iPads, laptops, cameras and games consoles; with all the gadgets sitting in the average student’s room, it’s no wonder that student accommodation is a target for thieves. Therefore, strong security is high on the list of accommodation ‘must-haves’ for modern students.


Bathrooms: Student bathrooms used to be akin to youth hostel bathrooms; nothing more than functional. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for students to have en suite bathrooms or at least share private bathrooms in each flat.


Communal Areas: What is expected from the communal areas of student halls has changed dramatically in recent years. Not only do students expect plush seating areas and generous spaces to get to know each other, but many student accommodation now boast luxuries such as games rooms, video game suites and mini-cinemas.


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